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The RavenDB logo.


I discuss how we tested and adopted RavenDB at Rakuten Kobo, comparing it to Couchbase and MongoDB.

A man and a woman looking at a software design diagram on a transparent screen

How to do a POC instead of a design

We to do up-front design because it we think it is hard to change code. What should we do when it’s easy to change and deploy new code?

A woman performing a flying martial arts kick that showcases agility, decisiveness, and velocity.

Agile Fundamentals

To me, agile isn’t a process or methodology. Its a set of fundamental principles put into practice. Here are my fundamentals.

A visual of warped lights signalling fast movement or high velocity.

Redefining Velocity

In agile circles, measuring velocity is usually frowned upon. Here’s a way to use it for good.

A photo of colourful graffiti depicting Albert Einstein overlaid with the word "I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious."


In my author profile, I describe myself as “curious”. Here are a few of those ways that curiosity drives me to be better.

A stock photo of a female manager displaying casual confidence by pointing her hand like a gun.

Competence vs. Confidence

Today, a friend told me they were worried they wouldn’t be promoted because they lacked confidence in a technology. I explained how I value competence over confidence.

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