Privacy Policy

We believe in respecting your privacy. But what does that even mean? To us, it means that you are in control and there would be no unwelcome surprises or disappointments if we were to send you a complete export of the data we keep. In bullet point form:

  • We won’t track you unless we ask your permission.
  • We won’t do anything with any data we collect without your permission.
  • We’ll give you any data we collect about you.
  • We’ll protect the data we collect to the best of our ability.
  • We’ll change or remove the data we have if you want us to.
  • We’ll tell you if any of that is going to change.

We believe it’s the right thing to do. The United Nations agree with us on this.

All of this is hard to do, so we’re going to take the simple route for now:

  • This site contains no tracking code. We’re not interested in funnel analysis or demographics.
  • This site doesn’t use any cookies or local storage. We’re hungry, but we don’t have any functionality that requires sugary code.
  • This site doesn’t use any device fingerprinting technology.

Some features we’ve embedded in the site (e.g. social sharing, blog comments, youtube) rely on 3rd parties to provide the service and they may track you. But they won’t track you just by browsing this site - only when you interact with them.

For the more technical among you, this site is built using the Hugo static site generator and it contains a set of privacy settings. Below you can see the current value of the settings that were used to build this site.

Current Privacy Configuration:

{Disqus:{Service:{Disable:true}} GoogleAnalytics:{Service:{Disable:true} UseSessionStorage:false RespectDoNotTrack:true AnonymizeIP:true} Instagram:{Service:{Disable:true} Simple:false} Twitter:{Service:{Disable:true} EnableDNT:true Simple:false} Vimeo:{Service:{Disable:true} EnableDNT:true Simple:false} YouTube:{Service:{Disable:false} PrivacyEnhanced:true}}