Hello World

A scene from Pixar's "Inside Out" that shows a pink elephant and two characters sorting through blocks labelled "facts" and "opinions"

Hello world indeed

Here’s a bit of meta info about what we’re doing here. I’m a curious person. I like figuring out how systems work, how I work, and how organizations work. And then I like explaining my findings, debating them with people smarter and more experienced than I am, and finding ways to raise the bar for the next iteration.

This blog is a collection of thoughts on technology, leadership, testing, organizational design, coding, project management, and maybe a few random topics mixed in.

I also have opinions. And I recognize these can be dangerous, especially when offered as authoritative advice or direction. I won’t shy away from my opinions, but I will try to separate them from facts that are backed up by research.

I won’t always be right, but I’ll strive to be accurate and clear, and I’ll make sure to update my viewpoints when I come across better arguments.

Primarily, I’m using this as a way to better organize my thoughts, conserve my keystrokes and write and communicate better. Note that I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing it for me. But if you find it useful, well, fantastic!

Some other quick things: